On Demand Projects

SIQ Systems believes that every company has its own DNA, and often a standard solution is not enough to successfully handle the variety of processes in the corporate environment. Personalization ends up being the best option for an organization to be able to optimize what it has of the best and to ensure its competitive edge before the competition.

Our On Demand solutions revolutionize industries and enable our customers to do things that previously could not be done in the conventional way. Thanks to our experience in developing the most challenging solutions combined with technology, with the ability to integrate with large volumes of data and different areas of the company, we offer users a high-level experience.

With twenty years of experience and a range of On Demand projects successfully implemented in clients with different needs, SIQ Systems is a company specialized in the development of innovative solutions for Quality Management. All this focused on meeting the specific needs of our customers with quality, efficiency and uniqueness, in order to guarantee greater performance and satisfaction.

Some of our projects:

  • Pointing problems during the production process (mobile, tablets);
  • Fatigue Testing management (APP / QRCode / RFID);
  • Appointment and management of non-conformities via APP (photographic images);
  • Complaint Customer / Product and Service Warranty Management;
  • Packaging planning;
  • Automated Inspection by Vision System;
  • Inspection in origin;
  • Sox Compliance Suppliers chain – (Documentation).

Learn more about our projects: