SIQ Systems is accredited to sell software through the Brazilian Development Bank card (BNDES), assisting companies that wish to acquire quality management software in a much more accessible way, with payments and installments that meet customers’ needs, providing longer terms, facilities and advantages. For more information, contact us.



OMNI is a company specialized in Vision Systems and IHM´s that works exclusively with COGNEX equipment and technology. Our partnership is to unite this technology with our expertise in developing solutions for Quality and apply them in automation in inspection processes through Smart Cameras and Code Readers capable of covering 100% of the inspected items, providing increased productivity, efficiency in data collection, reduction of costs and prevention of defects and waste.


PDC is a global supplier of technical solutions in the automotive, agricultural, aerospace, transportation, construction and energy sectors. Quality, responsibility and cost/benefit are our main pillars for obtaining success in all the services we render.