Food and beverages industry

Customer Quality Management

The Customer Quality Management Suite aims primarily the delivery of products in accordance with the adoption of initial samples. And in the event of non-conformities, these are identified and eliminated through the analysis of the causes that led to problems in customers, which are derived from production processes and, or, for products purchased from suppliers.


SIQ Systems’ Customer Quality Management Suite consists on the following modules:


Initial Samples Approval Process for Customers

Management of the development of new or modified products, starting from the conception to the final approval of the initial samples, with the control of the schedule, definition of those responsible for the tasks, deadlines, actions, agreements, results and Status of each project.


Clients Complaints

It manages customer complaints by automatically generating necessary actions and costs.


Non Conformities

It generates nonconformity requests to internal or external (suppliers) areas involved
Automatic creation of necessary actions whenever nonconformities occur.


Poor Quality Costs

Identify all the costs associated with Poor Process Quality in order to align quality and goals in order to promote a more efficient use of resources, allowing the work to be done correctly every time it is done.