Industry 4.0

SIQ 4.0

The SIQ Platform is widely prepared to absorb the disruptive technologies that boost the new industrial revolution.

The importance of Data has never been as relevant and critical to companies as it is now, in the age of Industry 4.0. Thanks to the digital expansion, the great volume of information generated through data are like “gold” to be mined and destined to sustain the companies’ strategic decisions.

The SIQ Platform is capable of meeting the requirements of Industry 4.0, integrating quality management processes with disruptive technologies, maximizing the use of data and generating interconnected, intelligent and effective solutions for the innovation and automation of processes that positively impact the company’s life.

SIQ is constantly investing in research and in the development of solutions that can integrate these innovative technologies with the great industrial processes aimed at Quality.

Benefits of solutions aimed at Industry 4.0

  • Increased productivity through automation and process optimization
  • Connectivity and integration between systems and machines
  • Usage of data in real time
  • Decentralized and transparent decisions
  • Advanced and automated quality maintenance and inspection
  • Tracking and Monitoring of Products and Assets
  • Customization of products for the final consumer
  • New Business Models

Data is the new oil of the digital era.

Clive Humby, Mathematician and British Data Scientist.

SIQ Systems is constantly investing in research and development of solutions that can integrate new technologies with processes focused
on Industrial Quality.

SIQ Solutions for Industry 4.0

  • Artificial Machine Vision System
  • Tracking and control of products in stock
  • Skip lot with Machine Learning
  • Inspections with Augmented Reality
Meet our solutions for automatic integration of DATA of your digital equipments with the SIQ platform.

Our software is capable of integrating itself with the equipments, collect the information contained within them and transform it into intelligence. Thus, at the end of every reading, the data found in the equipment already shows up at the system automatically, without the need for a technician to insert the information manually, eliminating human error, generating greater reliability in the process and greater use of the data, with the benefit of keeping them available for future use when you can trace all the collected information and take analytical decisions completely oriented by concrete and reliable data.

Are you interested in the subject? Contact us, and take your company to the Data-driven level.

Consult our experts for an assessment of the application of this technology in your company's products and processes.

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