Quality Philosophy

1996 TO 2000


SIQ (Sistemas de Informação para Qualidade) was established in 1996, inspired by Freios Varga (now TRW)’s quality-oriented management model, where quality professionals and production managers were sent to Japan to receive training in how to implement in the company the deep Japanese quality concepts.

Our Vision: To develop a standard software to be implemented in every client’s quality business processes, and offer real time information to support the decision making process.

Four years before SIQ foundation in 1996, its founders worked for a company where they developed quality-oriented software with direct guidance from managers and the CEO. They had the opportunity to develop a comprehensive quality information system that ranged from Supply Chain to Manufacturing, and Quality as perceived by the final customer.

At that time, ISO 9000 certifications were not highly applied as they are today. The applied concepts were exclusively those from renowned people such as DEMMING, JURAN, CROSBY, ISHIKAWA, TAGUCHI, among others.

Certifications were a natural consequence, and ISOs were certainly not a priority according to the company’s strategy. This lesson has been incorporated to SIQ’s DNA until these days, and this belief has become its main differential.

2001 TO 2004


SIQ faces again an important client that does not apply ISO certifications to maintain quality as a competitive edge.

When Toyota first established in Brazil with its Indaiatuba plant, it acquired SIQ’s software to manage the supply chain for its new generation of Corolla. That was when SIQ confirmed its DNA – quality as a philosophy and a process that goes far beyond certifications. From this moment, SIQ’s software gains highly appealing characteristics that support the culture of quality within organizations and their personnel, ensuring the processes standardization.

A new totally integrated software was developed.

Today, SIQ’s products manage the quality of Toyota’s three Brazilian plants, from Suppliers Quality Management to Manufacturing, integrating quality information received from franchising stores.

2005 TO 2010


Understanding that “Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about your project or service, and that bring friends with them.” (Deming), SIQ strongly invests in information technology and safety, and takes its first step toward global implementation.

SIQ starts to maintain its platform in a WEB environment, with JAVA technology, offering all its clients a new management opportunity.

2011 TO 2012


Again, in partnership with Japanese TDK, SIQ reaches the Eastern Europe and China, confirming the huge potential of its software – a software developed based on completely proven quality concepts. SIQ starts to supply its clients with quality business process solutions.

With SIQ’s system, your company will be able to integrate people, information and quality processes inside and outside your company.

SIQ becomes a company specialized in quality.

2016 TO 2019


SIQ begins with a new area of R & D focused exclusively on Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Cognitive Intelligence (bot), Iot and Industry 4.0. Opens a new startup with the objective of obtaining funds for the development of the 4 projects planned still in confidentiality. A new reality begins.

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