Chemical and Petrochemical

Quality Management

One of the biggest and most important sectors of the market, the chemical industry, need constantly to invest in innovation and modernization of its production capacity.

Its scope requires the adoption of high standards of quality and safety of its products and processes to meet mandatory standards as ISO/IEC 17025, ISO/IEC 17000:2005, ISO/TS29001 and ISO 14000. These requirements requires a great commitment by the companies, with the objective to ensure not only compliance with standards, but also continuous improvement and security.

Our Software Suites for Quality Management in the Chemical and Petrochemical Industry provides the fulfilment of all these requirements with excellence, from the development of new products, the supplier control, until the audits, environment, performance indicators, and much more. Ending up with ineffective methods of control (spreadsheets) and providing reliable data with agility and security.

A complete solution that helps taking actions to reduce risks and waste, reducing costs and boosting the competitiveness.

Processes of quality management of the chemical and petrochemical industry

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