Customer/Store Quality Management

Quality Management

Customer/Store Quality Management

From the customer complaints coming from sac or the stores themselves, this suite seeks to identify the source of the problem, whether caused internally -in the store, on the distribution center, in Internal Distribution, or if it was generated by suppliers or by the process of provisioning (packaging, storage, handling, etc.), and thus seek the elimination of the problem in a structured and definitive way, generating a knowledge base to reduce similar occurrences in the future.

SIQ Customer/Store Quality Management Suite is composed of the following modules:

  • Customer Complaint

    (SAC, post-sales and legal)
    It manages customer complaints by automatically generating necessary actions, internal costs or costs to be refunded by suppliers.
    These complaints can occur via SAC, post-sales in store or legal department.

  • Non Conformities

    It generates nonconformity requests to internal or external (suppliers) areas involved informing necessary actions to solve the problem using tools such as 8D.
    Automatic creation of necessary actions whenever nonconformities occur.

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