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QMS and Compliance: Quality Management

Documents, audits, non-compliance and corrective and preventive actions. Processes supported by performance indicators in an integrated and complete platform


New Products Development Management

Integration and coordination between the areas involved in the management of developmental activities and improvement of products and processes.


Tooling Management: You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to track and control your actives and tooling in the hands of third parties.

Learn how our solutions make possible to provide a complete management of internal tooling in the hands of third parties.


Management of Suppliers: Greater competitivity through the best relation with your suppliers.

Our solutions for Supplier Quality Management promotes full integration between the company and its collaborators network, in a fast, safe and effective way, covering all the steps of the processes.


Inspection of Products and Processes

Quality Inspections are vital to the reduction of costs, prevention of errors, increased productivity and, of course, improvement of the competitive advantage of the companies. Meet the inspections of the SIQ Platform.


Special Projects - On Demand Solutions

We develop specific solutions that suit the needs and the reality of the business environment of our customers, with the assistance of the most innovative technologies in the market.


Artificial Machine Vision Systeml

Artificial Machine Vision Systems are capable of acting in high performance and with no interruption, inspecting variables such as dimensions, angles, code reading and a lot more, reaching up to 100% of inspected items.


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