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A compilation of the frequently asked questions we receive about the SIQ Platform.

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  • Does the SIQ Platform itself work by modules or not?

    Yes. The SIQ Platform covers large processes and possesses modules that are synergic among themselves, but that can also work perfectly separated, allowing the customer the acquisition of only the modules that meet the critical specific points of their company with great scalability and capacity of future integration. It is also possible to customize our solutions if necessary.

  • Is it possible to perform a demo to see if my needs will be met before effectively
    buying a license? What is the cost and how does it work?

    Each case is analyzed individually and whether or not it will be charged will depend on the degree of complexity of the solution that your company demands, which will be evaluated after surveying the needs. For more information, send an e-mail to comercial@siq.com.br

  • How do the licenses work and what are the associated costs to acquire them?

    SIQ works with two licensing options, On Premise Modality, where the client will be responsible for the acquisition, installation and maintenance of the hardware and software infrastructure (operating system, database, server of application, internet, etc), and On Demand Modality, a system made available in our cloud (AWS) via Internet, with SIQ being in charge of updating the softwares, security of informations and other related services.

    Opting by either the On Premise modality or On Cloud, the customer may choose between two user options.

    1. Named User:supplies an user license to every user, therefore the quantity of hired users will be able to access the system simultaneously.
    2. Concurrent User: Supplies an user license to a minimum of 5 users for simultaneous access with the possibility of registering up to 999 users, however only the hired amount of users can access the system at the same time. In the attempt of an access above the hired amount, the system will display a blocking message.

    We also have an optional user modality, called Special User, that supplies an user license with limited access to the system, being used for example as an access to a supplier or just for consulting, and it may be acquired in the Named ou Concurrent User following the same rules established above, without minimum quantity for the acquisition.

  • How does the SIQ Platform support works?

    We offer the default 8x5 model for this type of system, that is, business hours - Monday through Friday, from 8am to 5pm. Our services include 8x5 Support, support by e-mail and telephone, revised training materials and Service Levels (SLA).

    SIQ is committed to analyze any technical nonconformities, doubts, occurrences and evidences of the requests of the SIQ Platform, according to the priority described below:

    Support for the SIQ Platform
    ProductLevel of ServiceService Level Agreement – SLA
    SIQ Platform2 and 3AttendancePriority
    Understanding of the problemUp to 4 hours after the opening of the callHasta 8 horas de la apertura de la llamada
    Palliative or definitive solutionUp to 8 hours after
    the opening of the call
    Up to 3 days after the opening of the call
    Definitive solutionUp to 3 days after the opening of the callUp to 6 days
    after the opening of the call
  • Does the SIQ Platform offer any warranty?

    Yes, we offer a 2 month warranty after implementing the software.

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