Lab-Way LIMS®: Laboratory Management

Quality management

Digital Solutions for Testing Laboratories / LIMS
(Laboratory Information Management System)

We live in a new world with exponential changes! Laboratories and companies need to pay attention and follow these changes at the risk of permanently losing the ability to modernize their management and being left behind by the digital revolution that makes the world go round.

“All labs are the same, except in their differences!”

Lab-Way LIMS® is a digital tool for global management and integration of laboratories, capable of interacting with the various information systems of the laboratory, equipments and processes, in order to behave as a single digital System.

The main goal of Lab-Way LIMS® is to foment improvements in the existing processes and increase productivity, eliminating paper and promoting organizational efficiency.

The solution supports the accreditation of laboratories by the following standards: ISO/IEC 17025:2017, ISO 15189:2012 and ISO 9001:2015, guaranteeing the compliance with technical and management requirements.

Lab-Way LIMS® divides itself in two main areas of expertise:

Technical Area

computerizes the technical areas of the laboratory since the programming of activities, samples management, work distribution, showing of results, issue of test reports, budgeting and allocation cost (billing), quality control of tests (standards, duplicate, etc.), publishing results on the web, sensory analysis, integration of equipments.

Management Area

performs the management of all the areas of the laboratory/organization, oriented to the effective management of processes and quality, in a transverse and integrated way, from human resources management, formation management, equipment and maintenance management, quality records (findings, audits, suppliers evaluation), document management, monitoring and planning.

Areas of activity:

  • Energy:Energy Production Laboratories | Metrology/Calibration | Photovoltaic Testing Laboratories
  • Services: Provision Services Laboratories (Water/Food | Non-destructive Testing | Textiles)
  • Pharmaceutical: Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics Laboratories
  • Forensics:Forensic Activities Laboratories
  • Environment:Environmental Testing Laboratories (Water | Surfaces | Environments | etc.)
  • Clinic:Pathological Anatomy Laboratories | Assisted Reproduction Centers and Fertility Clinics | Histocompatibility and Immunology Center | Tissue and Cells Banks | Veterinary
  • Inspection:Inspection Laboratories
  • Industry:Laboratories of the Industrial Area and Product Quality Control (Agroalimentary | Petrochemicals | Fuels | Lubricants and Oils | Paper and Cardboard | Plastics and Derivatives | Chemicals and Chemical Products)
  • Construction: Civil Construction Laboratories

Main Benefits of Lab-Way LIMS®:

  • Improvement of business organization, final customer service and work conditions.
  • Optimization of work distribution, planning, collects and processes. Return of the investment and simplification of processes.
  • Reduction and even elimination of validation time (up to 80%) and inserting of results (up to 70%).
  • Reduction of emission time and sending of reports (200%). Significant reduction in the filling of records (from 60% to 80%).
  • Greater flexibility to perform various activities.
  • Decrease in process execution time and in technical support time.
  • Elimination of documents and forms.
  • Sparing of human resources and materials: Eliminating up to 50% of paper and 100% of equipment (maintenance and calibration records).

Lab-Way LIMS® supports the accreditation of laboratories by the following standards: ISO / IEC 17025: 2017, ISO 15189: 2012 and ISO 9001: 2015, ensuring compliance with technical and management requirements.

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