Production Quality Management

Quality management

Production Quality Management

Reduce quality problems in the final inspection and production stops due to quality problems, eliminate the cost of rejections and support the identification of the root cause of the problems, which are addressed by the Manufacturing Quality Management Suite, which manages Quality Of the items produced internally, as well as the problems caused in the products manufactured by the use of the items purchased from suppliers. Also covered are the internal audits as well as the treatment of nonconformities and improvement projects (Kaizen).

SIQ Production Quality Management Suite is composed of the following modules

  • Manufacturing and Final Inspection

    Control products in manufacturing and final inspection, through sampling tables (parameterizable), skip lot, control plans, automatically generating the Performance Indicators (PPM) and notices of non-conformity internally.

  • SPC

    SPC is a quality tool applied during the production process with the purpose of collecting and analyzing information that helps in the early identification of eventual nonconformities present in the production process, thus promoting continuous improvement and reduction of costs and waste with raw material, Inputs, products, and so on.

  • Non Conformities

    The main objective of the Nonconformities module is to identify and completely eliminate all existing Non-Conformities, minimizing undesirable situations with the application of Corrective Actions and Preventive Actions, always focusing on the Continuous Improvement of activities. The module directs users to a methodology for solving nonconformities, according to the method applied by the company, as: 8D, 5PB’s, Ishikawa Fish Diagram, among others, these methods being established according to the client’s preferences.

  • Assessment / Audits

    Apply and manage audits in suppliers, either in homologation processes, or during the commercial relationship with them, thus allowing the improvement of the process, either through the detection of non-compliance situations or through the taking of preventive actions.

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