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New Product Development Management

The White Line and Electronics industries have undergone significant changes in recent years, and to survive in an extremely competitive environment, companies need to work with innovation, always differentiating their products and adapting them to the new needs of customers. The New Products Development Management Suite focused on the White Line and Eletroelectronics sector automates the management of New Product Development and its changes, ensuring standardization of processes and shared management with suppliers. This Suite allows full control over the project schedule, and sends automatic notifications to those responsible for each stage, so that they can execute their activities within the established deadline, as well as allowing the updating of all documents changed due to project changes, Quickly and accurately.

SIQ New Product Development Management Suite is composed of the following modules:

  • Risk Management

    It performs the forecast of possible failures in a systematized way, allowing to define strategic preventive actions and improvements, in order to reduce and manage the risks of an operation.

  • Process Flow

    The Process Flow gathers all the stages present in a given process, through a clear symbology, with the purpose of showing all flow of information that aim to improve the understanding of the processes, and thus establish the creation of standard norms of work to be followed. In addition, it is versionable and allows for the inclusion of attachments.

  • Control Plan

    The Control Plan gathers critical characteristics about a product or process, in order to provide means to detect possible flaws in the item under analysis. It can be drawn manually or generated automatically by the system.

  • (Q.I) Quality Instructions

    Organizes the guidelines for the control of the records that make up the Quality Management System (QMS). It covers all the identification, collection, indexing, access, archives, storage, maintenance and disposal of technical and quality records.

  • BOM (Bill of Material)

    The purpose of the BOM (Product Structure) module is to provide a detailed record with information on all components, raw materials and items used to obtain a product, identifying all the precedence and correct quantity relationships for each item required. This module can integrate with the customer’s ERP.

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