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Our special projects developed on demand aim to meet the specific needs of the companies, providing the continuous improvement of processes and products with a reduction of costs and waste.

SIQ Systems believes that every company has its own characteristic DNA, and for that reason, a lot of times the default solution is not enough to successfully meet the variety of processes that exist in the corporate environment. Customization ends up being the best option for an organization to be able to potentialize on its stronger points and assure its competitive differential in the face of competition.

Our On Demand solutions revolutionize sectors and allow our clients to do things that were previously not possible to be done in the conventional way. Thanks to our expertise in developing the most challenging solutions combined with technology, with the possibility of integration with a large volume of data and different areas of the company, we provide users with a high level experience.

With twenty years worth of experience and a range of On Demand projects successfully implemented on customers with different requirements, SIQ Systems is a company specialized in the development of innovative solutions for Quality Management. All of this with a focus on meeting our clients specific needs with quality, efficiency and singularity, in order to guarantee a greater performance and satisfaction.

Agile Methodologies applied to project management

Agile methodologies seek to promote better project management in a practical, organized and efficient manner, providing a high degree of collaboration between the client and the team involved in the project.

Some of our already developed projects:

  • Service Provision of Quality Management support;
  • Pointing out problems during the productive process
    (via Mobile - phones, tablets);
  • Fatigue Tests Management (APP / QR Code / RFID);
  • Pointing and Management of Nonconformities via APP (photographic images);
  • Customer Complaints, Product Warranty Management and Technical Assistance;
  • Packaging Management and Planning;
  • Automated inspection with Machine Vision System
  • Source Inspection;
  • Compliance with the Suppliers chain.

Main Benefits:

  • Automation of routines and processes;
  • Reduction of direct and indirect costs;
  • Optimization in the collect of information;
  • Data integration of solutions with the management system of the company;
  • Optimization and automation of inspections;
  • Traceability of information, products and tooling;
  • Record mobility;
  • Customization that meets the specific needs of the company;
  • Diversification of information records (text, image, voice);
  • Speed in the activation of maintenance acts and correction of problems;
  • Increase of efficiency and productivity;
  • Closer relations with suppliers;
  • Agility of communication among internal collaborators;
  • Reduction of mistakes and waste in productive processes, among others.
Download the complete material with the descriptions of the main On Demand solutions already developed by our team.
Consult our experts for an assessment of the application of this technology in your company's products and processes.

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