Risk and Safety Management

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Risk and Safety Management

Consumers of Food and Beverage have been increasingly well informed about the quality and safety of the products they consume. The increase in the demand for safer products has raised the concern of companies in the Food and Beverage sector, which seek to meet the new expectations of their customers with the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices – GMP, which are sets of actions that guarantee the quality and the safety of their products.

SIQ Systems Risk and Safety Management Suite has the purpose of identifying, analyzing, evaluating, monitoring and managing all risks encountered during the production process of food or beverage, from its supply to its consumption. With a focus on meeting Good Manufacturing Practices, this suite provides those responsible with full management of the processes involved, assisting in decision making for the application of appropriate control measures.

SIQ Systems Product and Risk Management Suite is composed of the following modules:

  • New and Modified Products Management

    This module acts in the coordination of the development of new products or modified products, integrating the different areas involved in the management of activities control, through a schedule with the definition of those responsible for the tasks, deadlines and status of the same, and also alerting about deviations and Performing the escalation to higher instances when necessary.

  • HACCP – Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point

    The Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points module aims to identify hazards in the product safety management process, and to carry out its control through the definition of the prerequisite programs and their operationalization (PPRO and Sanitization), and the definition of the critical control points in the process of production and preparation of foods and beverages, avoiding that the health of the consumer is impaired. Its use by a multifunctional team, combined with the Process Flow module, makes it a powerful tool in meeting the best standards you want.

  • Process Flow

    The Process Flow brings together, through a clear symbology, all the essential steps for the processing of a food or beverage, in order to highlight each stage of the process and the flow of information, allowing to improve the understanding of these processes, as well as the identification and the creation of work standards and control actions to be followed.

  • PRPs and OPRPs

    The PRP’s and OPRP’s modules are composed of the documentation of the Prerequisite Program (PRP), and its operation (OPRP and Sanitization), aiming to control the basic conditions of the activities necessary to maintain a safe environment throughout the Production process, aiming at the supply of products safe for human consumption. Allows a complete documentation (audit trail) and validity / periodicities control, working integrated to the Training Management module, preventing unqualified persons from executing processes / procedures that put food safety at risk.

  • BOM – Bill of Material

    The purpose of the BOM (Product Structure) module is to provide a detailed record with information on all components, raw materials and items used to obtain a product, identifying all the precedence and correct quantity relationships for each item required. This module can integrate with the customer’s ERP.

  • Critical Control Points – CCP

    Critical Control Points are essential for good management of the production process stages in order to eliminate or reduce specific risks to product safety. The module allows monitoring, recording of activities and opening of nonconformities or suggestions for improvement (CAPA), providing due feedback so that the process can be continually improved.

  • Quality Instructions, Work Program or Pre-requisite Program

    Organizes the guidelines for the control of the records that make up the operational processes (POPs) associated to Product quality and safety. It covers all the identification, collection, indexing, access, archives, storage, maintenance and disposal of technical records that assist a given activity.

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