Suppliers Quality Management

Quality management

Suppliers Quality Management

Our Suite of Suppliers Quality Management provides total integration between the company and its network of collaborators, all this in a responsive, safe, effective way with full traceability, covering all stages of the process, since the suppliers approval, the periodic evaluations, performance indicators, inspections on the source and receipt, certification maintenance, the treatment of non-conformities, as well as the compensation of losses caused by failures in service care.

Quality Management Processes of the Life Sciences Industry

  • Managing the development of New /Modified Items

    This module acts in the coordination of the development of new products or modified products, integrating the various areas involved in the management of activities control, through a schedule with the definition of those responsible for the tasks, deadlines and status of the same, and also alerting about deviations and Performing the escalation to higher instances when necessary.

  • Assessment / Audits

    Apply and manage audits in suppliers, either in homologation processes, or during the commercial relationship with them, thus allowing the improvement of the process, either through the detection of non-compliance situations or through the taking of preventive actions.

  • Compliance (Management of legal documents, Contracts and Certifications)

    Control and maintain documents of suppliers of products and services such as Certifications, Licenses, Contracts and other documents according to the quality policy of the Company. Most common examples: ISO 22000, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) or Safe Quality Food (SQF), Environmental Licenses, Operating License, Production License, Supply Contracts, Licenses of public agencies such as Federal Police, Military Police, IBAMA.

  • Inspection at Origin

    Control the products of the suppliers at the origin, before leaving the place they were manufactured, and often with control during the production process. Management of controlled shipments. All goods shipping will be controlled incorporating aspects of Quality in the Notice of Boarding and Invoice.

  • Receiving Inspection

    Manage the quality of the items received (by characteristic, seasonality, potentiality, others) through standard and customizable sampling tables, parameterized skip lot rules (by characteristic, reliability levels, etc.), Control plans (by process, family, material, others), automatically generating Performance Indicators, notifications of non-compliance and actions for Suppliers. With built-in intelligence and versatility not found in any market ERP, this module is today a great differential in the cost reduction efforts of our Customers.

  • Non-conformities, Corrective and Preventive Actions CAPA

    Manage the process of solving the problems detected in the inspection, through methods such as 8D, 5PB’s, among others, where the Supplier itself responds to the phases of the method, drastically reducing the quality of the company’s load on the control, transferring it To the Supplier.

  • Skip Lot

    Explain the internal costs generated by problems of poor quality of the Supplier, thus allowing the submission of the request for compensation to the Suppliers.

  • Refund / Debit Note

    Explain the internal costs generated by problems of poor quality of the Supplier, thus allowing the submission of the request for compensation to the Suppliers.

  • Indicators

    Quality Competitive Intelligence. PPM, Average, Standard Deviation, Dispersion, Failure Trends, IDF, Audit Grades. Pareto Charts, Trends and management reports.

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