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GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation - LGPD)

e, from S.I.Q. Information Systems for Quality LTDA (“SIQ Systems” or “SIQ”), CNPJ: 04.056.175/0001-71, are committed to safeguarding your privacy. The purpose of this document is to clarify which information from users are collected in our website at the address https://www.siq.com.br.

We are committed to:

  • a) keeping the safety of your information;
  • b) showing, in a transparent manner, how we utilize the data collected in this website;
  • c) safeguarding your privacy.

We emphasize that this Privacy Policy is valid to any information collected by us, not only on our website, but on any type of communication channel from SIQ Systems, such as social networks (Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube or Google Ads) email marketing and landing pages. We are committed to keeping a visible link to this document on every form page available in our website.

What do we do with your information?

When you download any of our free materials or request to talk to us through our contact form, work with us or chat, as part of the process involved in this exchange of information, we collect the information you provide us in order to establish contact. This personal information can be: your full name, business or personal email, the name of the company you work for, contact number (telephone or mobile), professional resume and other information related to the offering of services, always previously noted and authorized by the user. The collected information varies according to the form and is only collected when you fill out the form and submits the data to us, that is, we do not force anyone to fill out any solicited information if they don't want it.

Similarly, when you browse our website (as above-mentioned), we automatically receive the internet protocol from your computer (IP address) in order to obtain information that helps us to learn more about your browser and what operating system it utilizes.

Contact information, such as collected emails and telephone numbers, may be used for us to get in touch with you, either through telephone calls or emails sent out by our team, for the following purposes:




Direct Contact by Telephone

Personal data collected directly by certain areas (sales, finances, prospecting and customer service) of SIQ via telephone contact.

To answer calls relating to products, client prospecting and contractual questions.

Marketing Actions

Personal data collected through forms available on the SIQ website and digital marking tools (e. g. landing pages), the majority being: e-mail, full name, position held, company they work for, contact number (telephone or mobile).

Communicate with the target audience and/or customers about advertising campaigns for our products and services, such as: email marketing, invitations for events, digital announcements and specific informationals about SIQ solutions.

General Research

Personal data collected through research submitted to the general public periodically, such as a) Evaluation of the SIQ Systems products, b) Evaluation of the support services by SIQ Systems, c) Suggestions on how to improve and participate in projects, d) Evaluation of events prepared by SIQ Systems.

To measure the satisfaction rate of the public and/or customers/users of SIQ's products and services, collect suggestions on how to improve, complaints or knowledge formation.


  • 1. Consent is obtained at the moment of the first access by users to the SIQ Systems products, or by clear and specific requests. In case any individual chooses not to grant or revoke consent, the data collection will not occur or will cease to happen.
  • 2. In the case of data collected by third party systems, through cookies or any targeting and monitoring resource, SIQ Systems uses the feature called remarketing or retargeting, to show ads based on the subjects, interests and pages visited within your websites. SIQ Systems will not use this feature for promoting third party services as an affiliate or as any other type of promotion.
  • 3. We emphasize that every email marketing sent by SIQ Systems has an unsubscribe link for cancelation of the subscription in case the recipient no longer wishes to receive such messages.

The data collected by the website is automatically stored on WordPress, RD Station (automation tool that SIQ Systems uses for working with digital marketing) and Salesforce (CRM that stores current and potential customers information).

SIQ takes care of demanding from these third parties the same precautions and security measures applied to your information. These third parties won't make use of the data they may host under contract and exclusive guidance from SIQ.


Data such as full names, corporate or personal email, job title, company you work for and contact number (be it telephone or mobile), will only be collected with your consent and if you agree to our Privacy Policy. This data is captured by SIQ Systems every time you complete some type of transaction with us, either by filling out our forms for downloading our free materials, unsubscribing from our newsletter, the contact us page, indexing your resume to our database or hiring a product or service offered by SIQ Systems. Every time we ask for this type of information from you (personal information) we will ask for your consent.

How can I revoke my consent?

If even after you agree with our privacy policy you happen to change your mind, you may revoke your consent at any given time, thus preventing us to get in contact to obtain or disclose information. In this case, get in touch with us through the email privacidade@siq.com.br or by mail, at the address Rua Major Gustavo Adolfo Storch, n. 125 – Salas 301 e 304. Vila Virginia, Jundiaí São Paulo. CEP: 13. 209-080.


We may disclose your personal information if we are required by law to do so, if we are collaborating in a legal investigation or if you violate our privacy policy. In the same way, we can, only under your consent, disclosure your information to SIQ Systems partners, in order to offer a product, service or content we believe may be useful to you.

Furthermore, we reserve the use of the information provided by you to produce marketing materials or educational content. That information can be utilized, for example, to describe cases about processes and management, as well as to exemplify concepts on our blog articles.

We will use this information in an anonymous manner, without mentioning your name or your company's name. In the case we find it interesting to talk about you and your company, given the great visibility of our website, we will always get in touch with you and ask for authorization to make the reference.

Links and Third party content

In case you are a visitor and click a link to our clients inside our website, you might be directed to outside of our website. We are not responsible for the privacy practices of other websites and we encourage you to read their privacy policies. We recommend that no authorization on data processing is granted without the prior notice of these privacy terms.


In order to protect your personal information, we take precautions and follow the best practices in the industry to certify ourselves that it is not lost, usurped, accessed, disclosed, altered or destroyed.

We adopt internal procedures for access control over the data with the purpose of assuring that only the people directly involved in the treatment above-mentioned (direct contact, marketing and various research) have access to the personal data collected. We require from these professionals full commitment to confidentiality and compliance to the laws of personal data protection in our work and provision of services contracts.

Privacy Policy Change

We also reserve the right to alter these Privacy Policy norms at any time we judge necessary. We suggest and encourage you to read them whenever possible, keeping up with the changes. All and any alteration and clarification starts to be effective immediately as the new policy is published on the website.

In the event of some sort of merger or expansion between our company and other organization occurs, your information may be transferred to the new owners so that we can continue to offer you our products.

Questions and Contact Information

If you would like to access, correct, alter or delete any personal information we have about you, please file a contact request via email privacidade@siq.com.br or by mail, at the address: SIQ Systems, Rua Major Gustavo Adolfo Storch, n. 125 – Salas 301 e 304. Vila Virginia, Jundiaí – São Paulo. Cep: 13.209-080.

In case you have any questions about the SIQ Systems Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at +55 (11) 4586-0245.

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