Quality Philosophy

Eduardo Perosa

Laboratory Coordinator

SIQ Systems has been in use for TDK Eletronics Brazil's receipt inspection since 2008 and has provided us with significant significant improvements in productivity and robustness in meeting the requirements of the automotive industry, so today. inspection of receipts, one of the most versatile and complete tools available on the market.

Vinicius Sedenho

Quality manager

SIQ SYSTEMS solutions have met the needs of HBA, that is, Integration and agility are the key words. With the new world reality, these two factors are essential to remain competitive, especially in the automotive market with all its dynamism. It is a strong partnership, where we know that we can count on all the necessary support.

Maria de Lourdes
Tumietto Hojo

Information Technology Coordinator

After implementing the SIQ system, we had the expected gains in the process, mainly agility and accuracy of the information. In addition, the SIQ team honors the partnership with its customers, the attention and care for customer satisfaction is a commitment that we witness that is very well fulfilled.

Gildo Neto

Process Engineering

The partnership with SIQ is very dynamic since the system is fully customizable to the customer, we know this well because we Nakata are an industry totally unique in its business model. With SIQ, we implemented inspections via tablets, camera recognition to check labels and bar codes and in the future we hope to move forward with augmented reality. Partner since 2013 making our compulsory certification control process (INMETRO) robust and fully traceable in terms of lots and approval histories. Fundamental in our “Word Smart” business strategy with the help of PPAP, Engineering Reviews and Receiving Inspection modules, we have succeeded in the approval and control of suppliers worldwide. The system's simplicity and instinct makes it easy for employees to adhere to, not to mention agile technical support, empathetic with the customer and a commercial team always close by ready to assist us with any request.

Jorge Goulart

TPM, Continuous Improvement and Quality Manager

We are happy with the value that SIQ has added to our Productive process. The partnership made through the project carried out between our two companies opened opportunities for new innovations and improvements.

Lucas Cunha e
Fábio Gonçalves

Continuous Improvement Analysts

With the increase in competitiveness, companies in general have been looking for constant cost reduction through the continuous improvement of their processes. Through analysis and mapping, our Continuous Improvement team saw the opportunity to automate a process where our operators manually entered information into the system for the traceability of our products. SIQ Systems, together with our Continuous Improvement team, developed an integration software for automated reading of the traceability information of our products, and after implementing the solution, the company achieved a 25% increase in its productivity in this process. . Our biggest concern was if the software would be able to read the codes in motion, and due to the know-how that SIQ has with the equipment that our team was studying to implement, this concern was soon overcome, through an excellent work carried out by team that installed the camera. We recommend SIQ Systems because, in addition to being extremely professional and engaged - from the customer service to the post-implementation support -, they showed to have full knowledge in the area in which they are working.

Rafael Rovaris

Process Engineering

The partnership between JTEKT and SIQ has added a lot of value to our daily lives. We use the system for quality control in the receipt of materials, supplier management and in the management of factory documents (PFMEA, Control Plan and Process Flow) carried out by Process Engineering. The implementation guaranteed us the reliability and security of the information, facilitating the updating of documents due to the integrations managed by the system. We also have relevant information from data and graphs that allow us to see where our priorities are for decision making and directing actions where they need it most.

Anrelita Almeida

Quality Coordinator

There are two periods of Colormaq Quality: before SIQ Systems and after SIQ Systems! In addition to all the information history we have built since 2017, the system's organization and practicality contribute to the agility of our daily lives and also to the accuracy of the information! In addition to all these benefits, we can also count on fast and effective support, always willing to solve problems and propose improvements to facilitate our work!

Thaís Cumini

Quality Analyst

We are satisfied with the partnership we have with SIQ and how much they have added us. SIQ SYSTEMS, together with our Quality team, developed the parameterization of a report for extracting the audit sheet, which allows us to analyze in a number of ways the flow of approval of a document or a period. In addition, they implemented, according to our request, the electronic signature in all stages of changing the status of a document, in this way, we were able to meet all the requirements described in the regulation of Computer Systems Good Practices.

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