White Goods and Electrical

Quality Management

The White Goods and Electrical/Electronics Industries have faced major changes in recent decades spurred not only by the research of new technologies, but also by large changes in the behavior of their consumers, who seek for innovative products with smart technology and have the commitment to sustainable practices of manufacturing as well as the application of standards of quality and safety demanded by the market.

Requirements such as ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 move a great effort of the entire production chain, in order to ensure not only the fulfillment of standards, but also the implementation of continuous improvement in its products and processes.

Our suites of software for quality management in the sector of White Goods and Electrical/Electronic promotes the fulfilment of all these requirements with excellence, from the development of new products, the supplier control until the audits, in addition to the indicators of performance and much more. Eliminating ineffective methods of control (spreadsheets) and providing reliable data with agility and security.

A complete solution that helps taking actions needed to reduce rework and scrap, lowering costs and providing support to the strategies of innovation, sustainability and competitiveness of enterprises.

White Goods and Electrical Industry Quality Management Processes

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