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SIQ Platform is composed of solutions that cover the main processes of Quality Management present in our clients day-to-day routine, acting from the development of new products and its alterations to the final customer. Our solutions help companies to reach the highest quality standards, with a focus on promoting continuous improvement and reduction of costs and waste.

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Features of the SIQ Platform

Integration with ERPs

The SIQ Platform is fully integrated with the main ERPs on the market, such as: SAP - Oracle - TOTVS - JD Edwards - QAD - PeopleSoft and legacy systems.

Acquisition by Modules

The SIQ Platform covers large processes and possesses synergistic modules working together, but that can perfectly work separately, allowing the customer to make the acquisition of only the modules that meet the specific critical points of their company with great scalability and capacity for future integrations.

Modes of Use

On Premise:On-site installation. The customer is responsible for acquiring, installing and maintaining the infrastructure of hardware and software.

On Cloud (Amazon):System made available on Amazon Cloud Drive, with SIQ System being responsible for the softwares updates, information security and other related services.

SIQ 4.0

High technology solutions developed through agile methodologies that adapt to your company’s needs with a focus on innovation.

Artificial Vision Systems

Eliminate defects, reduce fabrication costs and increase the speed of your production lines.

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On Demand Solutions

Customized on-demand solutions to meet the specific needs of your business.

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Industry 4.0

The future of the industry has already begun. We develop solutions with advanced intelligence with a focus on process automation, high connectivity and data usage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • It would be possible to perform a demo to see if my needs will be met

    Yes, it is possible to perform a demo and the tests done remotely are free. First we would have to schedule a remote meeting to better understand the needs of your business. After evaluation and needs assessment, our technical area will probably ask that your company send us some documents to perform a presentation of the software with a real scenario so that we can be more assertive and effective. If necessary, we have signed a Confidentiality Agreement.

  • Does the software itself work by modules or not?

    Yes. The SIQ Platform covers large processes and has synergistic modules, but they work perfectly apart, allowing the customer to only purchase modules that meet the specific points of your company with great scalability and capacity for future integration. You can also customize our solutions if necessary.

  • Is it possible to perform a demo to see if my needs will be met before actually?

    Each case is analyzed individually and whether or not cost to demo will depend on the degree of complexity of the solution that your company demands, which is evaluated after surveying the needs. For more information, send an email


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